Visiting FAQ 

(1)What is the participants?

participants are the acts of visiting and purchasing as a porfessional audience to come to the Expo site. the participants are the representatives of the company came to the scene to negotiate and seek cooperation.

(2)How to get the visiting certificate (professional audience card) ?

The pre registrated professional audiences which are confirmed after applied, can take the certificate card according to the receipt with stamps, together with a copy of the business license and personal valid documents, in weifang shandong taiwan exhibition center,in the hall of china, japan and soth korea industry Expo.

(3)How to check the progress of confirmation ,if apply the certificate by internet services ?

by the name and password you used when applied, you can sign in the certificate system, in "my meeting" column , you select "namelists of the applications "then you can see the progress of the confirmations.

(4)How to retrieve the username and password if you are old participants ?

if the old participants forgot your username and password, you can sing in the first page, search "old participants exhibitors visiters gain his username and password" link  and get it.

(5)how to apply the certificate on spot ?

by showing your valid certificate, name cards,and fill the form of "registration on spot for certificate", and pay for the charges, and receive it.

(6)what to do if the certificate is lost ?

you can go to the bodyguards office in the north to apply for registation of certificate lost,then go to the certificate hall make the application for certificate with ID. business card,payment, and make the photograph on spot and get the new visting certificate.

(7)the conditions for the registration of the participants?

the certificate appliers should be over 18 years old, behavior ability, industry inside persons. (buyers, investors, project owners and other business professionals ) and the your intentions is related with the contents of the Expo.

(8)must the visitors take his business cards and receipt when he want to take the certificate on spot?  

yes. the internet appliers must take the stamped receipt after confirmed ,or a copy of the business license and valid documents, business cards for geting the certificate.

(9) are there number limits for the certificates of exhibitors?

3 certificates are allowed for each domestic enterprises . the visitors which are registrated and confirmed by China, japan and korea industries Expo, no need to apply again for the certificate.

(10)how to register for the participants?

register on internet, before the due time, sign in the internet station of the certificate system, fill and submit the form of "registration form of china,japan and south korea industry Expo"

register in spot, before the due time, you can go to the certificate hall with personal valid certificates , business card, payment,to make it. The people, who have the purchase business person certificates of guangzhou Carton fair, or foreigners, or having the invitation letter,is free for making the certificate.

(11)can certificates lend to others ?

the certificates can not be lent to others, if found its qualifications will be canceled

(12)the requirements for application of visiting the Expo  from internet, what kind of photo needed?

photos for applications should be two inches, bareheaded,half body, color ones and front ones. resolutions should be more than 240 pixels X 320 pixels, maximum size 50k in the format of "*.jpg" . life or video photos can not be used.

if you get any problems when uploading, it is recommended to use IE7 or above versions browsers for browsing, and upload again.

(13)can the public attend the meeting?

residents of weifang city can purchase the tickets in the opening day of the fair, and enter the Expo in the public open day for visit.

(14)what are the activities of the fair?

Economic and Trade Cooperation and Development Forum of China, Japan and Korea

East Asia Trade and Investment Facilitation Forum

Silver Industry Forum of China, Japan and Korea

The Roundtable Conference of Chambers of Commerce of China, Japan and Korea

Procurement and Docking Activities

One-on-one Business Match-making Meeting

Enterprise Press Conference

Key Project Signing Ceremony

(15)how to sign up for the meeting?

   Registration can selected online , or by fax.

   After receiving the application of enterprises application, the expo secretariat will provide information service, such as the online application of documents, transportation, trade, trade matching, and meeting during expo.

   For details, please refer to  the exposition notice.

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