Certificate application 

  • certificate service on spot
  • hotel booking for guest oversea
  • self registration exhibitors visitors

The organization committee of china, japan and Korea industry expo established a temporary office in the hall during the meeting on spot to make the certificate for the special visitors, maximum 3 special certificates can be issued to every industry unit

The visitors can get registered in the hall by filling the form of <<registration form for certificate on spot>> and together with his own personal certificates and documents or ID or cards

In the hall, special counters are made for the foreign visitors separately and provide the services of making photograph.

The time of special certificate making on spot : Sep 23 to Sep 25 2016  ( according to the spot news issue)

Documents needed for certificate making :  the invitation letter of china, japan and Korea industry expo, personal certificate ( ID, or passports ), personal cards, 200rmb needed if without the invitation letter.

Location for certificate making on spot,  the certificate hall of Wei Fang Shan Dong Taiwan convention and exhibition center

special notes:
1, the certificate applicators should be specialized persons, more than 18 years old,  who has the normal behavior ability .
2, All the certificates will be confiscated if it is not officially make by the expo management departments. The certificate which is used by other people will also be confiscated, and it can not be re-issued. 

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