Charming weifang 

1.Weifang Overview

Weifang City, formerly known as Wei County, an area of 15859 square kilometers, is the transportation hub of Shandong  Province. Located in the middle of Shandong Peninsula, across latitude 35 ° 41'-37 ° 26 ', longitude 108 ° 10'-120 ° 01', is the birthplace of kites, kites all the world is a world famous as the headquarters of the International Kite Federation Organization , is "International Kite Festival" celebration of fixed venue, is also known as the kite, is the largest city in the Shandong Peninsula city group, the China Habitat Environment Award City, National Environmental Protection Model City, National Sanitary City, National Garden City. It has two famous vegetable base, one for vegetable production in northernChina's largest. Weifang, east of Qingdao, Yantai, west of Zibo City, Dongying City, south Linyi, Rizhao City, north Bohai Laizhou Bay. Shandong Weifang recapped the throat leading to the hinterland of the peninsula, is the transportation hub of Shandong Peninsula. Weifang port a national first-class open port, sheep  Port a second class open port. Weifang airport has opened in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Haikou and other routes, it is one of the four air mail processing center in the country.

Weifang at the north temperate monsoon region, back land and sea, the climate is temperate continental monsoon climate. Characterized by hot summer and cold winter, the four seasons; less wind and rainy spring, drought prone; hot and rainy summer, large temperature and humidity; the air is crisp autumn day, late autumn more arid; winter cold, cold wind blowing frequency. The annual average temperature of 12.3 , annual average rainfall is about 650 millimeters.

Rich in mineral resources, widely distributed, less metal ores, non-metallic mineral more. It has been found 50 kinds of minerals. Metallic minerals are mainly gold, silver, copper, iron, lead, and zinc. Non-metallic mineral bentonite, zeolite, perlite, brine, sapphire, petroleum, coal, pyrite, barite, sand, red bars, limestone and granite.

Weifang City is the general characteristics of the terrain south than in the north. Southern mountains, hills, ground elevation at an altitude of 100 meters, the highest elevation of 1032 meters, covering an area 5646 square kilometers, accounting for 35.6% of the total area; the central inclined plain area, the ground at an altitude of 7-100 meters elevation, slope down 1 / 500-1 / 1200, an area 6597 square kilometers, accounting for 41.6% of the total area; the northern coastal area of the coastal plain, the ground elevation of 7 meters, an area of 3616 square kilometers, accounting for 22.8% of the total area.

The main rivers: the Weifang City in the basin area of 50 square kilometers of the river there are 103 major river systems have Weihe River, Mi River, whitecaps River, north and south Jiaolai small Qinghe River and five major river systems.

2. Economic development

Weifang is a major industrial city in Shandong  Province industry ranked third. Weichai Group is the world's largest marine power manufacturing base, Weifang Haihua Group is the country's largest marine chemical production base. GoerTek focused on sound and light areas, leading the world of sound and light direction, establish a leading global position in the field of acoustic products.

Weifang is a big agricultural city, is one of the focus areas of agricultural products in Shandong Province. The city has built a Shouguang vegetables, chickens Zhucheng, Anqiu peach, Qingzhou edible mushrooms, Changle watermelon and chickens and a large number of famous special dilute agricultural production base. Six counties with all the well-off county standards. 4 County hundred counties.

Weifang rapid industrial development. Weifang is a famous city in the history of handicraft, qingqionglongniujian have "south Suzhou, north Wei County," said the Ming and Qing dynasties had "two hundred branch red furnace, copper blacksmith three thousand, nine thousand embroidery female, thousands weave Cloth "famous. Since the founding of New China. Has been initially open to the ocean to the top ten industrial chemicals, power machinery, farm vehicles, clothing and decorative surfaces, electronic communications and information processing, chemical fiber, new building materials, pharmaceuticals and health care products, food and beverage, paper and packaging, such as body industrial system, mainly crude salt, soda ash, diesel engines, air vehicles, PBX, chlorinated polyolefin and other 108 categories, more than 5,000 varieties. Weifang in the 1980s and 1990s is second in the country 25 billion gross national product over the first 16 cities in Shandong GDP.

3. Tourism and Culture

(1) Weifang World Kite Museum

Weifang World Kite Museum is China's first large-scale kite museum, a building area 8100 square meters, architectural style chosen Weifang Kite leading centipede features a complete roof is a combination of a ceramic dragon, peacock blue glazed tile roof paved, like a dragon loiter volts but since design unique in the country, is the "World Kite" landmark. Chen Yun and poetry will "fly Weifang kite flying", like "fly Qilu blue sky", "flying into China Dream", "World of Weblog, flying the traditional culture."

(2) World Kite Memorial  Plaza

The whole square by ten auspicious landscape Avenue, kite mark Square, Chung chase history, chant now, look to the future, a display of kite culture and folk culture, public entertainment, fitness and strength, commercial shopping and holding large gatherings integrated city square.

(3) ten Wat Park

China Northern pocket garden architecture, was built in the Ming Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty Jiajing originally Board of Punishments doctor Hu Bangzuo of Guzhai. Eleven years after the Qing dynasty (1885) is the richest man in Ting Shan Bao Wei County in heavily bought, called "Ding Garden." Ten Wat Park is located in Hu arch street in the middle, sitting north to south, brick tiles, the subject is brick, with a total construction area of about 2,000 square meters. Due to small size with big metaphor if the ten board wat derives its name. 1988 was listed as national key cultural relics protection units, the "Lu Dongming Zhu," he said.

(4) Weifang Fuhua Amusement Park

Covers an area of over 20 square meters, with a total length of 888 meters double loop roller coaster, parachute tower 46 meters high, 56 meters high Ferris wheel, around the cup, in east China's first Hot Wheels, super strength and beauty with a model pendulum pirate ship, spin pulley, hurricane flying chairs, more than thirty rides, 2011, Shandong Province's first large space Shuttle rides, 5D HD 180-degree screen cinema has settled Fuhua Amusement Park.

(5) Yangjiabu Folk Art Grand View Garden

Located in Weifang City Hanting District, Yang bucun, is a national 4A level scenic spots, has been granted in the "national agricultural tourism demonstration sites", "the country's 56 most scenic national characteristics", "Tourism and leisure venues, Shandong Province, ten Best Brand "and" Shandong Provincial Cultural Industry Model Base "and so on. Yangjiabu woodblock New Year pictures, kites are recognized by the State Council as the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage.

(6) Oasis whitecaps Wetland  Park

Whitecaps oasis National Urban Wetland  Park has owned the "National Water Conservancy Scenic Spot," "national 4A level scenic spots", "Shandong Top Ten Water Scenic Area" award.

(7) China Changle Gem  City

Is the only crown "China" name jewelry wholesale market, the State Trade and Industry Bureau of the largest, most comprehensive jewelry store, a "national competitiveness hundred market", "China's top ten brands of jewelry art market "," China Gems & Jewelry characteristic industry base, "the only" national AAAA level scenic spots, "the large-scale international jewelry store.

(8) Yishan National Forest Park

Yishan called as "Haiyue", also known as "East Tarzan", ranking first in the mountain town of five Chinese, is a national forest park, the State AAAA-class tourist area, the provincial scenic area. Su enjoy "Tarzan the Five Sacred  Mountains respect, Yishan five towns of the first" reputation. Yuhuangding peak elevation of 1032 meters, known as "Lu in the mountains." Yishan main natural landscape are: yuhuangding lion Gushan, Gushan head tilt, Baizhangya waterfalls, pines and other groups more than 80.

(9) Shihmen Square

Located 9 km southwest of Linqu promise mountains entrance. See two peaks towering, confrontation such as doors, which entered the Shihmen Square. Here cliffs, steep Qu Diego, trees Cong Mao, rocks rocks. If the season until late autumn, more storied dye cream, leaves mountain. Not only has beautiful natural scenery, and there are many attractive cultural relics. "Yap Pian Shimen night photos residue" is the first sentence, "Qu Eight Poems" of.

(10) Zhucheng Dinosaur Museum

Located in the beautiful scenery of the dinosaur park, national 4A level scenic spots, is a collection of collections, exhibitions, research, and other dinosaur paleontology museum as one of the topics. In addition to "the world's first dragon", the collection in marvelous keel hall of huge dinosaur fossil femur known as "the first Chinese Qi-bone", folk has been circulating the "look dragon, all wishes come true; touch keel, well-being happiness "argument. Dinosaur  Museum near Zang Chuang, contemporary famous old poet Zang House, open.

(11) Ecological Shouguang Linhai Expo

East Lake also known as the Unsinkable "East of the Dead Sea", is within the woodlands ecological Exposition most characteristic attractions, the province is also the only attractions, because of its unique features much people loved and respected. Unsinkable  Lake area of 30,000 square meters. Is to extract natural saline brines unique work completed, you can play while floating sterilization, disinfection, the role of exercise, physical therapy.

(12) his back Mountain National Forest Park

"Yang wore an awakened, under daylight shooting," named after the mountain sky, Lu is a bright pearl in the mountains. Is a national 4A level scenic spots, national forest parks, national geological park, Shandong province has won ten Forest Park, Shandong Province ten outstanding new attractions, Shandong Province, the top ten mountain-type resort, Qilu landscape new sites such as the honorary title. Sen Lin Yumao parks, monuments and cultural, peculiar terrain, is a rare integrated resort.

(13) Scenic camel cloud

Cloud camel Scenic Area is located 2.5 kilometers south of Qingzhou City, is a national key scenic spots and national 4A level scenic spots, is a set of eco-tourism, leisure tourism, cultural tourism in one of the boutique area, mainly by the "three areas ( Cloud Gate Hill area, Camel Hill area, Longtan Lake), two monasteries (six decades Cultural Park, Longxing Temple), a Ming Heng King City "component.

(14) Taihe Mountain Resorts

Located in Qingzhou temple town, develop a total area of 20 square kilometers, it is a set of forest landscape, landscape, melting religious culture, Conference Resort in integrated tourism resort, with a total investment of 600 million yuan. Taihe Mountain resort is divided into three areas: Taihe mountain culture experience area; the beautiful yellow Huaxi adventure area; Ren Chuan leisure services area famous peasant uprising in the late Ming and another female leader Tangsaier related stories and relics landscape.

 4. specialties

(1) Qingzhou Scorpion

Scorpion also known as scorpion, all insects, is buthidae arthropods. Complete worms about 6 cm, the surface was shaped carapace, body flattened oval, about 3 cm and a width of 1 cm, produced in Qingzhou, Linqu other places. <Kai Bao Materia Medica> set: "scorpion out of Qingzhou, who form tight little good." Five Dynasties, Tang and Song period Linqu Qingzhou area, which is called the "Green Island Scorpion." Early Qing provinces businessmen to Qingzhou, Linqu lot purchase scorpions, therefore <Strange> in the "scorpion-off" story. Scorpion both territorial road rare medicinal herbs, but also expensive food on the table, at home and abroad. Scorpion more burrowing, nocturnal. Capture to Qingming to Guyu when most appropriate. Summer and autumn volt catch scorpion, scorpion south inferior spring. The live scorpion into the water in the wash, and then 36 hours immersed in salt water, fish, salt water into the pot boil, pour again scorpion compaction, and cook 4 hours, to be the scorpion body stiff, remove and dry It can be eaten dry. The Scorpion soaked in warm saline, sesame oil and then simmered in frying and serve immediately. Crispy and delicious, delicious, wonderful scent, the unique flavor of dishes. Scorpion contain trimethylamine, betaine, taurine amine, palmitic acid, stearic acid, amine salt hatch phospholipids and other ingredients, commonly have medicinal properties, wind and dampness, Tongluozhitong, physical detoxification effect, high nutritional value , much like people.

(2) Red Grilled Sheepshead

Linqu all the sheep feast of local cuisines, from the creation date, after careful study of several generations of culinary workers, has grown to more than a hundred kinds of food styles, unique taste, but also very therapeutic effect. Wherein braised Sheepshead - aka unicorn top was all the sheep feast of the first course. Grilled Red Castle Sheepshead Sheepshead adopt, after cooking, boneless, oil, color, flavor, steam produced by more than 10 processes, which is characterized by the color of fresh, moist mouth, Ruannuo, handsome in appearance, for the whole sheep feast in large dishes.

(3) East pipa duck

The one about two kilograms of Beijing duck, kill, off, washed into the boiling water soak 2-3 minutes out, placed in cold water after cool thoroughly, cut open the abdomen to make a lute-like duck, to palm, tune into Good Huai salt marinated for 15 minutes, with marinated duck fork wear, was lute-like hold with chopsticks. The duck skin with a fork Shang Hao net cloth, will be tuned Crispy duck water evenly wipe the ducks, dry 12 hours, until completely dry after duck body into the oven, bake for 45 minutes. Then, the knife plate, and keep baked shape, you can. Due to the shape lute, so I chose the name. When served with duck sauce, sugar, dish color red, sweet and delicious, fat but not greasy, crisp and soft skills, for all ages, from north to south are suitable, the only crown delicious Oriental Hotel.

(4) green bean cake

Produced in Anqiu Jingzhi town, more than 200 years of history, which is characterized by unique technology, unique flavor, pale yellow, the structure of soft, flexible, sweet taste that melts, but also refreshing detoxification, clear Lee lung sputum. Sub-single material, all material two kinds. Single material made of green beans and sugar. The dried green beans cooked, peeled, finely ground, add sugar and mix thoroughly with a fine sieve in a special square steamer, copper shovel pressed uniform, cut to fit the rectangle, steamed Serve, all materials mung bean cake, other plus green their names, rose sauce, walnuts, orange cake and other condiments, more flavor both older and hi light are edible, they feel fresh and tasty.

(5) Linqu all the sheep feast

Linqu Cuisines, originated in the Qing Dynasty, is developed in the court on the basis of all the sheep seats. Linqu city has a food village, the name "Deshun floor," Qilu famous cooking lamb. At that time there was "Qingzhou tour, none other than Deshun floor," he said. Through generation of chefs to explore innovation, both characteristic dishes or cooking skills, we have to make all the sheep feast has its own style. 1997 Shandong Province Trade Office "Shandong snacks." "All the sheep feast" is in different parts of the body and internal organs of sheep with different cooking methods, doing well, shape, taste, smell different variety of dishes, and the crown of the auspicious name, although wholly sheep, but no sheep name. Such as gantry angle, mining fungus, Sheung Fung Tsui, a sheep than 80 kinds of cooking. In the production, knife fine, elegant flavor, fried, slip, explosion, burn, stewed, braised, baked, fried, not greasy alcohol, with soft material, light, moderate taste, crisp and fresh and so cool. Selection of the various parts of the body do the sheep from the "whole mutton soup," sour Ma Hong, serotonin does not smell of mutton. Eye, ear, tongue and heart made of bright evening and night together, greet fans, welcome vanilla, exquisite Five, Eight Immortals and other dishes, crisp and tender, delicious odd-shaped, unique. Serve cold on the program after the first heat, trotter, after the first sheep's head on the middle of vegetables.

(6) Chicago River pork

Cuisines Anqiu, produced in Anqiu Town Council Wu Chi Pan village. Its main ingredient is pig and pig intestines, stomach, foot, heart, liver and lung. Ming court adopted meal recipe, adding more than 20 kinds of Chinese medicine, Jingxi, kneading, boiled, smoked, grilled and other procedures from processing, dating back more than 600 years of history in 1997 by Shandong Province Trade Office assessed as " Shandong snack. " Production, the first with a thin salt Qingcuo several times, and then into the original soup pot and cook for about two hours, put bags wrapped yarn cardamom, Amomum, cinnamon, star anise, fennel and other condiments when cooked. Cooked meat remove and put the pot on the grate, sugar BBQ Serve. Pan Chi meat has grown to roast pork, beef, donkey, chicken, rabbit meat, sausage dozen varieties. Features fat but not greasy, fragrant barbecue.

(7) poultry and music

Weifang traditional cuisines, reportedly originated in Shanxi, Shaanxi, after Beijing spread Weifang, the "river drain" in the history of evolved. "River leak" is buckwheat chisel in the dense pore pressure out of the river bed, drain the noodles, this is a farm daily food. Weifang people this has been improved, with buckwheat instead of wheat, and with poultry meat, "Silly meat" and small halogen seasoning child, with its homophonic name "and music", mainly due to a halogen promoter in poultry , hence the name "poultry and music." By folk artists constantly processing food development has become loved pasta. It is to produce sophisticated, full condiments, delicious Tang Xian Shandong province is famous, delicious and inexpensive again welcomed by the masses. 1997 poultry and music by China Cuisine Association, Shandong Province Trade Office were rated "Chinese snack", "Shandong snacks."

(8) Radish

In Shandong, the spread of "Yantai Apple Laiyang pear, less Weifang radish skin" argument. Of course, this is not demeaning Yantai Apple and Pear meaning, but stressed that the only good Radish. Indeed, Weifang radish can be eaten raw and cooked should be used, as fruit or vegetables are a good choice indeed, and have medicinal value. Its medicinal value in digestion, stomach and the most significant effect. But also "eat radish tea, doctor gas Street climb" joke.

(9) The meat fire

Weifang fire a long history and variety. "Mirror" recorded live on the North Han Zhao Qi (ie Weifang) to sell cakes for a living. This is an example of an earlier operating a written record biscuits. Weifang biscuits visible when the flow of goods has been used as a community. There are a large number of farmers in Qing Weixian do use slack selling biscuits town, they used thick stick of wood to the pressure surface, and the surface was very hard, people call it "rural fire", "taping head." With the development of the times, people are demanding the city, and burned the shop built in the city, burning varieties multiplied day by day, what cut fire, shuttle fire, Rangzi fire, sesame fire and so on. In the Qing Dynasty, meat fire came into being. Then called pepper meat fire, fire is the development of three meat modern thing, because people's lives in stride improvement of the quality of snacks also will be with the times.

(10) Weicheng biscuits

Two fried grilled ingredient Weicheng, the surface covered with sesame, muster, crisp and fragrant. Flat bottom and crisp, put the moment they leave softened, "fried fritters volume" that is softened after eating. Weicheng biscuits many varieties, such as crisp fried pieces biscuits, fried lamb, pepper meat biscuits, butter biscuits and other baked cakes, different flavor.

(11) Ma Song cake

Changle cuisines, from Changle  County, Ma Ma Song Song Village town. Dating back more than 200 years of history, the number of the world is not bad, long food is not greasy. 1997 by the China Cuisine Association, Shandong Province Trade Office were identified as "Chinese snack", "Shandong snacks." And noodles, dough, roll baked bread is to produce a horse Song three main processes. With the proportion of moderate warm salt water, excellent flour stirred into the group, repeatedly rub, to be shiny texture to cover the burden. Dough-like stream of non-stream, the shift in the surface, the tear into small pieces. The flattened dough, then three one, intermediate dough peanut coated on both sides, then roll press, to make it as thin as coins, the shape of a disc, spread onto a moderate heat griddle, color white with yellow, remove Serve cool thoroughly. Features Ma Song flower cake is baked crushing, cooked but not paste, beautiful color, soft aroma, oil plentiful but greasy, salty and through fragrance, open appetite, eat a hundred tire.

(12) overturned pot

From the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong years of civil morning. Wei County farmers go to the market at that time could not get a hot meal, some people in the market from the big iron shelves, cooking hot meals to passers-by, because the pot without cover, it will be called "overturned pot." The pot and cook the next pig goods, meatballs, tofu and so on. Rotten meat soup boiling, customers sit around the pot, the palm master scoop soup pot, add a little parsley and soy sauce, and with thin bread, free for personal use. Then, according to customer requirements, the intestines, stomach and other chopped, put on the cake, pinch the thin salt, roll into a fire tubular, to the customer. Its affordable, broth with the drink with scoop, welcomed by the masses. Weifang overturned pot through continuous improvement in 1997 were China Cuisine Association, Shandong Province Trade Office as "Chinese snack", "Shandong snacks." With the development of business, overturned pot throughout the city, and now has developed into a "feast overturned." This feast with chicken, donkey simmer soup to cook the whole pig mainly, pig, liver, lung, heart, stomach, intestine, which together with sweet sauce, vinegar, soy sauce, pickles pimple article, pepper, onion, ginger, star anise, cinnamon, salt, coriander, sesame oil, green radish dozen spices and cold dishes. Diners sit around a special table, desk Central has flatly diameter 50 cm 65 cm deep cauldron, pot port flush with the desktop, the pot has a special fuel. Round Table has a notch, the waiter at the gap at the request of the guests will scoop out the flesh of the pot, a good cut, for guests to linger. "Overturned pot" fat but not greasy, nutritious, delicious taste, light and not muddy soup, to be equipped with pizza, its taste infinity.

5. Regional Advantage

(1) Location

Located in the Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone and the Yellow River Delta economic zone of two national strategies and Shandong Peninsula high-end industrial agglomerations provincial strategy superimposed region is an important area where Japan and South Korea Economic Cooperation Demonstration Zone.

(2) Industry

The country's major agricultural production and processing base, power equipment manufacturing base, paper packaging production base, textile and garment production and export base, ecological marine chemical production base, is a national semiconductor lighting engineering and electro-acoustic devices industrial base.

(3) Transportation

Weifang City, road, rail transport development, airports harbor complete, the National Highway Traffic hub cities; Weifang port is a class open port, opened a number of international routes, land and sea cargo Lu Liao roll pull transport large channel direct connection land Silk Road economic belt; Weifang airport is 4D-class airport, air cargo hub in Shandong Province, this year plans to achieve the opening of civil aviation.

(4) Comprehensive Bonded Zone in Weifang

National comprehensive Free Trade Zone, has "bonded processing," "bonded logistics", "trade in goods", "trade in services", "virtual port" and the five function and "bonded entry into the area refund, exempt from VAT, as well as district Kong Straight, centralized reporting, rapid transit "and other preferential policies.

(5) Chinese food valley

Chinese Food Valley is a leading modern economic development of agriculture in the world-class platform, collection of food industry research and development, trade, testing, logistics, brand operations in one. East Exchange livestock products, Chinese food cold chain logistics park valley Kai,ChinaWeifang city animal products trade, international agricultural logistics park, and a number of agricultural commodities trading market is accelerating the construction of key projects.

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