Environment investment 

The advantages of (Weifang) where china,japan and south korea industry expo held  


Is located in the overlapping area of  the two national stratety : Shandong peninsula blue economic zone and the yellow river delta efficient ecological economic zone ,and jiaodong peninsula high level industrial gathering area of provincial stragegy. Is the important area of local economic cooperation among China, Japan and korea.


There are national important agricultural products production and processing base, power equipment manufacturing base, paper packaging production base, textiles and garments productions and export base, ecological marine chemical production base, national semiconductor lighting engineering and electro acoustic device characteristic industry base.


In weifang, the highway, railway transportations are developed. The seaport and airport is complete, it is the main hub of the national highways. Weifang port is the first class open port, opened many international airlines, Shandong and Liaoning land or sea cargos transportations channels is directly connected with the land silk road economic belt; and weifang airport is 4D class airport, it is the Shandong province air cargo hub, this year the civil airlines plans to open to the outside world.

Weifang comprehensive protective tariff zone:

In National comprehensive protective tariff zone, there are 5 functions, protective tariff manufacture, protective tariff logistics delivery, cargos trades, services trades, virtual port.and entry with protective tariff, tax return after entry, free of VAT value added tax, and directly communications between local industries and port, centralized declarations, rapid transit ,as like preferential policies.

China food valley:

China food vally is a world class platform leading modern agricultural economic development, unity of food industries research and development, trading, testing, delivery,brand operations. A set of important items are speeding up for construction, like east asian livestocks products exchange, china food valley zhongkai cool store delivery park, china weifang livestocks and poultry trade city,international agricultural products delivery park, large quantity agricultural products trading market. 

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