Exhibition on internet 

What is booth online?

Opened in Japan and south korea industry expo official website platform, precise positioning the target customers.
Access to china’s high-speed  network channel
Catch the domestic and Japan and south korea business opportunities.
Internet booth is with graphics, sound, animations etc multidedia forms, relying on the Japan and south korea industry expo official website platform. The exhibitors will get demonstrations of their industry styles and products on the special internet website platform, so as to expand propaganda, aimed at creating more business opportunities. 


Taking the advantages of online booth

Online interactive booth for the enterprises to provide 365 day X 24 hours of the year show and unlimited exhibition space! With the help of online booth, your industries distance to contact industries of china, japan and south korea are zero, and you will get the great trusts of the many exhibitors 
It is not restricted by time, space, and region, you can browse pictures of products and its related informations, and graphics, sound, animation images which shows the attribute and appearance of the products, and it will attract more attentions.
With a unique online booth, you can always publish, update and modify the company information and products catalogs.    
Through the online booth, you can 24 hours display your products to the domestic and foreign buyers, and obtain orders from buyers, so easily do the practical e-commerces.    
With the yearly event of the china japan and south korea industries expo, and with one actual booth in expo and two online booths ,you can catch more from the unlimited opportunities of trade of china, japan and korea.

Why choose to start the online booth

*Brand need::Go beyond the time and space of the information dissemination, shaping the international brand and professional image;

*Publicity needs:the internet is developing rapidly beyond the depth and breadth of the people’s imagination , it has become the main way to get informations.

*Services need: to expand the scope of services, extend the service time , improve the quality of service, increase the service mode, and gain new service experience.

*Efficiency need: the work efficiency will be greatly increased by the online information access and exchange of information and convenience

*With the progress of the technology, more and more business functions can be moved to internet, and more and more people will gradually accept this way.

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