Exhibitors sign up 

1.Exhibition requirement
The china, japan and korea industries expo decide the requirement for the enterprises standardizations is as following, the expo only accept the appliers which meet the requirement,
1.The exhibitors must be legal with official registration, specially, the industries in the main land must have the qualification of import and export , or his registration fund is not less than 500,000rmb.
2.The industries in main land must submit the copies of the export industries license, (export  industries) , or copies of valid license confirmed by registration department (non export industries)
3.Exhibitors’ plate name must be the same as his industries registration license name, booth can not be transfeered, or sold. Fake goods are not allowed for expo. Knowledeg  authority must be protected; retailing of exhibition goods are not allowed.
4.All the exhibitors must obey rules and regulations from <
5.Industries can provided valid certificate or award licenses of industries or procucts. The office will prefer famous brands and give preferential policy.

2.Registration process

All the exhibitors should download the application forms from the website www.cjkiexpo.com,fill out  with official seal and mail  to  the Organizing Committees Office before August 8, 2016zrhcyblhzlb@163.com.

Download:form for registrations of china, japan or korea industries expo

China Chamber of International Commerce

Contact person: Mr Luo  Tel+86-10-82217240  

Fax+86-10-82217243  E-mailcjkexpo@ccoic.cn

The Roundtable Conference of Chambers of Commerce of China, Japan and Korea

Contact person: Mr Zhou Tel:+86-531-86168309 

Fax:+86-531-86168356  E-mail:rrh139@163.com

  Organizing Committees Office in Weifang 

Contact person Ms Liu Tel+86-536-8789043  

Fax+86-536-8789043  E-mailzrhcyblh@163.com

Shandong - Taiwan Convention and Exhibition Center, Weifang, Shandong, China

Contact person Ms Kao Tel+86-536-5160372  

Fax:+86-536-8373507  E-mailkaolijun@163.com

3.Booth and rates
Exhibit Rates

项目/Options展位费/Booth Fee


Standard Booth


Special Booth
国内/DomesticMB300 /(36 at least)
国外/ForeignUSD50 / (36 at least)

4.Booth confirmation and charge

Organizing Committees Office will review the application and other relevant qualifications. Exhibitors should pay for the booth fee within 5 working days after receiving the confirmation, and the booth will not be retained, such as failed to pay the booth fee on time.

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