Introcuction to expo 

The China-Japan-Korea Industries Expo 2016 will be held from September 23 to 25 , 2016 at the Shandong-Taiwan Convention and Exhibition Center in Weifang,China. This exposition is jointly sponsored by China Chamber of International Commerce, the Association for the Promotion of International Trade,Japan,Korea Trade Associations and Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat, in order to deeply promote the comprehensive cooperation  among the three countries in the fields of economy, trade and culture etc.

Aiming at promoting the establishment of China, Japan and Korea Free Trade Zone and trilateral cooperation among the three countries, and under the principles of “basing on three countries, opening to the world and pursing mutual benefits”, the expo will create a unique innovative, multi-field and fully functional regional economic cooperation platform by the use of its advantages in location, resources, and policies. This exposition will be served as an incubator for enhancing commodity trade, two-way investments, technological and cultural exchanges, etc. It will also build a multi-field cooperation platform for the three countries and the entire world.

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