In the afternoon of Jul 17, The promottion meeting ofChina,Japanand South Korea Industry Expo is held in the Municipal Office Building of Wei fang government. The meeting arranged all the preparation works previously, motivate all the people in the city, to work hard, try to finish all the preparation works , to make sure the success of the first exposition. Mr, Liu Shuguang, the Vice secretary, and the mayor attended and delivered a speech; Mr,Sun Qisheng , the member of the municipal standing committee, vice mayor hosted the meeting, and also arranged concretely all the preparations works according to the spirits of the meeting.

Mr, Liu Shuguang, pointed out, that to hold the meeting of China, Japan, and Korea industry exposition, is the important decisions made by the Municipal committee and municipal government, in order to adapt to the new situation and the new requirements of the development of the city's economic and society, and is the initiative to integrate into the country "one belt, one road", the free trade zone strategy to enhance economic openness, promote regional economic integration and development of major initiatives, and it is also the important catch to lead an starting point to enhance the level of internationalization of the city. This Expo is conformed to the tendency of the building of the China Japan ROK FTA, is committed to promoting industry of China, Japan and the ROK cooperation in depth, is an international event, Sponsored by the China International Chamber of Commerce, the Japan International Trade Promotion Association, the South Korean Trade Association three national level trade promotion agency, is a high level of exhibition. to well run this fair, to promote international cooperation in the city's industry, and promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, nurturing the modern industrial system, to accelerate the upgrading of the city, expanding the city's international and domestic influence, visibility To grasp the opportunity of the national development strategy, establish and improve the status of Weifang in China, Japan and South Korea and international cooperation has very important significance. At present, the preparatory work time is tight, the task is heavy, high standards, strict requirements, all levels of departments and related units must attach great importance to enhance understanding, and action to the party and the government to make more conscious attitude, more stringent standards, and efficient promotion of the preparatory work to ensure a high level, high quality, high efficiency event.

Mr. Liu Shuguang required, to run the Expo, we must pay attention to the effectiveness. To adhere to the business invitation and expo invitation as the primary task and actively introduce high level, large quantity, the strength of the exhibitors and buyers formulated in the procurement of the volume as the core of the scientific method of assessment, to ensure that achieve the actual effect of "sales booming, exhibition purchase booming". To adhere to the Expo exhibition invitation and investment invitation, academy invitation, recruit the talents ,recruit the businessmen, recruit the intellgience simultaneously, and the "three invitations, three recruits " are the important evaluation standards for the offices performance, and also for the enthusiasm of co-ordinate mobilize urban counties, and the provincial level development district, municipal departments, municipal key enterprises, Overall grasp of the project selection, packaging, docking, landing services and other aspects of co-ordination to do a good job in project cooperation, business cooperation, cooperation in the park, regional cooperation, Overall promote the investment, trade, technology, brand and other traditional areas of agriculture, manufacturing, services and other cooperation, and vigorously develop new areas of mergers and acquisitions, service trade, smart city, health care and other new areas of cooperation.

Before the overall planning meeting, after the work, highlighting the major parks, large enterprises, major projects of investment cooperation, arrangements for the focus area of Japan and South Korea enterprises linking activities, with the Expo platform, to promote investment, technology, brand and other elements of cooperation, Must adhere to the "both important of production and city", around the need to do, to enhance the quality of urban functions. To start the urban and rural environment comprehensive improvement actions, the implementation of the city fine, intelligent management measures, to further improve the level of urban management, and to start the study of the International service rules and standards in the field of organizing international service system, and to improve the system of urban bilingual sign guidance system, make plans to implement bilingual and multilingual services in key areas, such as foreign Stars Hotel, , encourage and support the introduction of Japan and South Korea catering and entertainment projects, to make efforts to provide the international standard voluntary services, to Further enhance the level of urban hospitality services, and with high levels, to do the promotion of every kinds of forum, and to do a good job of urban brand planning and brand marketing, and to further enhance the popularity, influence, reputation of the city.


The news conference of China, Japan, Korea Industry Expo was held in Beijing.
Work schedule meeting of China, Japan and South Korea Industry Expo is held.



The promottion meeting of China, Japan and South Korea Industry Expo is held

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