(reporter Sun Kongjia) in July 29th,China,Japanand South Korea Industry Expo conference was held at the Dong Fang Hotel. Mr, Sun Qisheng , the vice mayor and member of Municipal Committee, attended the meeting and gave a speech.

The meeting heard the situation introductions of the preparatory work of the related leaders of China Chamber of International Commerce about the works of the business invitations and expo invitations and forum organization, and the building of the main venue. Research and analysis are made about the important works and specially the difficulties and problems existing in the work , put forward the concrete work standards and requirements. Mr. Sun Qisheng stressed that, the relevant units should take the work of business invitations and expo invitations as a priority among priorities of recent work, stress on attracting large companies and strong companies, invited world-renowned,The activities of the organization, service guarantee and other work, to leave a good impression to the Chinese and foreign merchants .The relevant departments should strengthen coordination and cooperation, establish and improve the overall program, act with united strength, good planning. The major activities, decomposing, linking, implement, solidly and efficient propulsion of the preparatory works. The influence of corporate participants, to organize various activities, improve the professional management, high standards of good planning exhibition, The construction units should ensure the premise of safety and quality, and accelerate the progress of working methodical, meticulous security, prominent effect and convenient operation, ensure fair exhibition work successfully complete. Each relevant units to strengthen communication, focused, working to speed up and improve efficiency, and strive to make the first industrial fair of China, Japan and South Korea into a exhibition of the government concerning, enterprises welcoming, influential and with the characteristics of far-reaching effect and of high quality .


Work schedule meeting of China, Japan and South Korea Industry Expo is held.
China, Japan, and South Korea industry expo preparations committee emphasizing on business invitations and expo invitaitons



Work exchanging meeting of China, Japan and South Korea Industry Expo was held

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