This newspaper news (reporter Han Lixin Zhao Xinbo)August 1, reporter learned from China, Japan and South Korea Industry Expo Organizing Committee, through joint efforts of the all the people of the city , the preparatory work are orderly, nowadays, emphasizing on business invitations and expo invitaitons .

According to reports, China, Japan and South Korea Industry Fair this year will focus on the characteristics of industries in China, Japan and Korea and Shandong Province become foundation cooperation for a long time for Japan and South Korea , showing mainly the products of the three countries in the field of modern agriculture, machinery and equipment and manufacturing, high technology, services and other advanced technology and features. According to this point, the city vigorously carry out investment promotional activities. Expo planning and design of the four zones: Japan and South Korea Economic Cooperation Demonstration Zone , invited the local government economic cooperation demonstration zone of Japan and South Korea, and Japan and South Korea Friendship Cities exhibitors, combined with the region resources superiority, well-known enterprises, the characteristic product exhibition;China and Japan to invite domestic and South Korea to participate in the economic and trade cooperation between the city to attract well-known enterprises to participate in the show. Modern manufacturing industry (high-tech) exhibition, the exhibition is divided into automobile and equipment manufacturing sector, the electronic information sector, energy saving and environmental protection plate, biomedical technology stocks.Modern agricultural brand exhibition, the exhibition is divided into seedlings industry sector, agricultural products brand plate, facilities agricultural sector, agricultural high technology sector, agricultural products processing and storage equipment sector, agricultural investment sector. Modern service industry, divided into the intelligence of the city plate, health care sector, cultural and creative plate, etc.

Focused onChina,JapanandSouth Koreaindustry expo.


Work exchanging meeting of China, Japan and South Korea Industry Expo was held
Explanation meeting of China, Japan and ROK Industries Expo 2016 successfully held in Seoul South Korea



China, Japan, and South Korea industry expo preparations committee emphasizing on business invitations and expo invitaitons

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