1. Project Name:Shouguang High-tech Incubation Center Project

  2. Brief Introduction

  In the southwest of Shouguang City, Sunjiaji Sub-district is the southwest portal of Shouguang City. It is 6 kilomenters far from the urban district. On the west of Mihe River and the east of Qingzhou City, Sunjiaji Town is the seedbed of greenhouse vegetables nationwide, for which it is named as the First Town of Greenhouse Vegetables in China.

  2. Investment Attracting Content:

  Some matching equipmets are planned to be introdued in: well control devices(flowmeters, blowout preventers, choke manifold, etc.), wellhead devices( pipe twists, hanging tongs, type elevator, etc.) and cementing devices(casing scrapers, sludge scraper, cement basket, etc.) .

  3. Project Prospect and Benefits Analysis

  As the increasing produced quantity of oil and shale gas in China, the requirements for oil equipments will increase substantially,which provide a huge market space for the oil equipments production. The preferential policies of Shouguang Economic Zone will bring large economic profits for the enterprises in the Zone.

  4. Construction Condition

  With the convenient traffic and excellent surroundings, the parcel mentioned above is the high-tech industry base appointed by the government. There is no conprehensive matching service facilities in Shouguang now, so the construction of the Center will provide a series of value added services: talents service, training service, project declaration, achievements conversion, marketing and public service flat. The constrution of the project will advance the development of hig-tech enterprises, new technologies and talents training, for which the market prospect is bright.

  5. Market and Economic Profit Analysis

  It is one of the inportant development strategies appointed by Shandong Province for the development of new high-tech industry. Now the high and new technology industry has stepped into a track of fast development, and is playing a more and more important role in developing new industry, rebuilding tradional industry, inducing regional eonomic developing, pushing integratinve development. After the construction of the project, service charges can be collected and enjoy the preferential policies from the state, Shandong Province and Weifang City.

  6. Cooperation Mode

  Single Proprietorship or Equity Joint Venture

  7.. Contact: Gao Hongxiang

  Contact Unit: Investment Promotion Bureau of Shouguang, Weifang City

  Tel.: 0086-536-5105692

  E-mail: sgtouzi@163.com


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Project Name:Shouguang High-tech Incubation Center Project

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