Zhucheng Dinosaur Cultural Tourist Resort(恐龙)

  一、Pogject Name

  Zhucheng Dinosaur Cultural Tourist Resort

  二、Project Unit

  Established in 2012,Zhucheng dinosaur world cultural tourism LLC is a solely state-owned enterprise with 10 millions RMB registered fund. It stands for Zhucheng government to perform the investment role of dinosaur cultural provincial tourist resort project.

  三、The project content and construction scale

  The size of control area is 138 k㎡ with 28 k㎡core area, including “one center, one axe, two zones, three plates”. The main constructions cover main fossil pavilion, Cretaceous park (dinosaur national geo-park), world dinosaur town, dinosaur cultural entertainment district and dinosaur cultural creative industries base.

  四、The construction site of the project and construction conditions

  The project site lies in Zhucheng Longdu Street, Huanghua town.

  The project of Zhucheng dinosaur national geo-park has been established and the procedure of environment-impact assessment has been handled. The construction of Tyrannosaurus museum and dinosaur cubic pavilion has been completed and the conditions of road and water supply have been improved.

  五、Total investment and sources of funds

  The total investment is 15 billions, and the source is self-financing and joint venture.

  六、Analysis of market and economic benefit prediction

  Zhucheng is named as “Chinese dinosaur city”, where the world largest-scale dinosaur fossil group and dinosaur footprint group were founded. The project obtains the title of national culture industry model bass, national geo-park and others, and is included in Shandong key construction projects and Shandong two zones construction financial support project. When the project put into operation, the estimated tourists will be 1 million at the first year, 3 millions tourists after 5 years, and the annual income can reach 1.5 billion.

  七、Cooperation Mode

  Joint venture


  Project unit: Zhucheng dinosaur world cultural tourism LLC

  Name:Cui Weisheng




Project Name:Shouguang High-tech Incubation Center Project
Project of Zhucheng Yangchun



Zhucheng Dinosaur Cultural Tourist Resort

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