Project of Zhucheng Yangchun

  International Longhai Aquatic Product Center

  I Project location: Longdu District of Zhucheng

  II Items to attract investment: Being the core component of the cold- chain logistics of Longdu Modern Logistics Center, Longhai aquatic product cold- chain logistics project plays an irreplaceable role in industrial transformation and upgrading process. Covering an area of 503 mu, the project is invested by Shandong Yangchun Business Group. According to plans, a total of 3 billion yuan will be invested in the project, with the covered area of 480,000 square meters and cold-storage capacity of 1 million tons. Ranking among the key construction projects of Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone and Shandong Provincial key construction projects, the project covers businesses like ultra-low temperature storage, cold- chain logistics and fine & further processing of high- and- medium grade seafood, public bonded warehouse, etc.

  III Project prospect and benefits: According to plans, the project will comprise warehouse logistics center, fine & further processing center, inspection & quarantine center, and e-transaction & settlement center. The warehouse logistics center adopts international cutting-edge green refrigerant cold storage technologies; the fine & further processing center introduces seafood lyophilization, enzyme engineering and other green and environmentally-friendly technologies into seafood processing; in the inspection & quarantine center and e-transaction & settlement center, the intelligent financial, trading and management service platform will be established with Internet of Things and other information technologies. Besides, with the introduction of EOS (Electronic Oder System), ASS (Auto-Sorting System) and other internationally leading logistics equipment and technologies, and based on globally-synchronized e-commerce transaction and settlement platform, an intelligent cold-chain logistics service network with the whole process coming under real-time control has been constructed. So far it has come top of China’s aquatic product transaction center and cold-chain logistics center.

  Breaking ground in November 2012, the project saw the operation of some single-layer refrigeration houses in October 2013. So far the aquatic product trading hall, commercial office building and 300,000- ton refrigeration house have been put into operation. On August 8, 2014, Longhai Aquatic Product Market started business at the newly-relocated site, with more than 90% of the refrigeration houses utilized. The No.1 four-layer refrigeration house was put into operation on January 16, 2015. Once overall operation of the project gets started, it is estimated to bring in an annual business income of 15 billion yuan, with profit and tax revenues coming to 1.5 billion yuan.

  IV Advantages: Adjoining to National Road 206 and other main arterial highways, the project enjoys convenient transportation. It is just 1 hour’s ride from Qingdao, Weifang and Rizhao, and 2.5 hours’ ride from Jinan, Tai'an and Dongying. So far electric supply, road, water supply and other supporting infrastructures of the project have become available, and third-party logistics has entered the market. Not only has Longhai Aquatic Product Market spread its trading network throughout China, but also has established a worldwide trading network.

  V: Ways of cooperation: joint venture and cooperation

  VI: Project contact:

  Contact person: Liu Jinfu

  Contact number: 13963627292 0536-6212579


Zhucheng Dinosaur Cultural Tourist Resort
Qingdao Bonded Harbor Area Zhucheng Functional District in Zhucheng



Project of Zhucheng Yangchun

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