Qingdao Bonded Harbor Area Zhucheng Functional District in Zhucheng

  一、Location: In Shunwang Street, 1.5KM north to Qinglan Expressway.

  二、Investment content: The project of the Qingdao Bonded Harbor Area Zhucheng Functional District is an improtant move of the Qingdao Bonded Harbor Area and Zhucheng City to implement the “blue-yellow” strategy raised by shandong provincial Party committee and provincial government, and it is a fruit of promoting regional strategic cooperation and making resources complementary between these two regions. Zhucheng Functional District Investment Development Co., Ltd, a joint venture between Qingdao Bonded Harbor Area and Qingjian Group, is in charge of the Infrastructure construction,project investment,operation and management. Zhucheng Functional District covers an area of 6 square kilometres, with a total investment of 28 billion, and it mainly plan 4 sections:export processing, modern logistics,high-tech entrepreneurship and comprehensive supporting section.

  三、Project prospect and benefit analysis:

  The first phase of Zhucheng Functional District, covering 1380 mu, has been developed over. It plans to set up Zhucheng Functional District banded logistics center, enterprise free port·Gongshe and China National Cotton Reserves Corporation modern logistics project. Enterprise free port·Gongshe is a new industrial community

  project founded by advanced teams in China to innovative development ideas.

  This project constructs villa-type high-quality standard park factories to provide superior production and office environment and fast-growing platform for small and medium enterprises by resource integration, functional clustering and service platform construction. The project of Gongshe covers an area of 300 mu, among which a floor area of 62,000 square meters in 110 mu has been under construction, and it will be delivered in March 2015. Four enterprises have signed up. The first phase got an investment of 3 billion yuan to set up bonded logistics center, standardized warehouse and infrastructure, started in Febrary 2013. It will be built by the end of 2015 and it can hold 20 enterprises, outputing the value over 9 billion yuan, paying tax 1.5 billion yuan a year.

  The banded logistics center has been approved by 4 state ministries and commissions and will operate from October 2015. Now the investment is in full swing, and 10 enterprises express their intention.

  China National Cotton Reserves Corporation modern logistics project will start in March 2015, and by the end of this year, businesses can be started to develop.

  四、Advantages: Convenient transportation. The functional district is adjacent to Qinglan Expressway, 206 state highway,Jiaoxin railway and 329 provincial road ,with 1-hour’s drive from Qingdao and Weifang Airport, 70KM from Qingdao Qianwan Harbour, 60KM from Dongjiakou Harbor, and 75KM from Rizhao Harbour.

  Advanced functions: Zhucheng Functional District functions around bonded logistics, which can minimize the time-circulation, reduce the expenses of enterprises dramatically, improved the competitiveness.

  Preferential policies: Enterprises in the park can enjoy double benefits from the local government and Qingdao Bonded Harbor Area.The functional district will establish scientific development fund to encourage scientific research and industrial upgrading of the enterprises in the park.

  Perfect platform: The functional district, based on banded logistic center and enterprise free port·Gongshe, can provide a healthy developing platform for enterprises, and give strong supports on administrative service, financing development and talent service, etc.

  Full service: The park will establish comprehensive service center, including service windows on customs, inspection and quarantine, business, tax, foreign exchanges, and provide the full agency of registration, planning and construction, through which the park provide “one-station, process-coordinated" service”.

  五、Cooperative modes: investment, cooperation, investment, etc.

  六、 Contact:

  Mr. zhang mingwei Title: Investment Director

  Phone Number: 15853270303

  Mr. hu Junkai Title: Investment Management

  Phone Number: 18205327799



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Qingdao Bonded Harbor Area Zhucheng Functional District in Zhucheng

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