I.Project Name

  High-Tech Industrial Park

  II.Project Unit

  Zhucheng city is the national science and technology advanced city which has undertaken a number of national science and technology projects. Zhucheng city now has 33 state-level, provincial-level high-tech enterprises, and the high-tech enterprises output value accountes for more than 43% in gross output value of industrial enterprises designated size. In recent years, the investment of science and technology development has been increasing, various types of private research institutions, enterprise technology R & D center, engineering technology research center, innovation platform like high-tech incubator have been founded. The ability of innovation of science and technology has been significantly enhanced.

  III.The project content and construction scale

  The total planning area of the projectis 114 square kilometers, controlled planning area is 97.3 square kilometers, bearing industry investment of 150 billion yuan with factory building area of 78 million square meters. Focusing on the development of automobile industry, high-end equipment manufacturing industry, strategic emerging industry and science and technology industry

  IV.The construction site of the project and construction conditions

  The project is located in the Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Zhucheng city. The project conforms to the requirements of the city development planning, the place is fit for the project with complete infrastructures, flat land, convenient traffic and open communcation.

  V.Total investment and sources of funds

  The project can bear investment of 150 billion yuan, and the sources of funding is self-financing from enterprises, cooperation or joint venture.

  VI.Analysis of market and economic benefit prediction

  After completion, the project can promote the platform construction of technology innovation of the city, promote the development of high-tech industry, and further enhance the core competitiveness of the regional economy.

  VII.Cooperation Mode

  Joint venture, cooperation


  Contact Unit: Hi -Tech Industrial Park,Zhucheng City

  Contact Person: Peng Qian

  Tel: 18906465097

  E-Mail Address:zgzcgxq@163.Com


Qingdao Bonded Harbor Area Zhucheng Functional District in Zhucheng
Longze Wetland Park



High-Tech Industrial Park

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