1 Project Name

  Longze Wetland Park

  2 Project Unit

  Located in west of Zhucheng City, Longdu sub-district of Zhucheng, with advantageous geographical location and well-developed transport, has demonstrated the advantages of industrial economy. Some well-known brands such as Haobao suit, Zhulong steel ring and landscape Dongyue cement have been built. These products are sold in more than 30 countries, including United States, Japan, South Korea. Development of modern service industries such as commercial circulation, leisure and entertainment and distribution is accelerated.

  3 The project content and construction scale

  Relying on the wetland resources, the area facilities such as Longdu lake, wetland forest, leisure and entertainment, tourism services and residential landscape are developed. The ecological and tourism values of wetland are improved. High-quality ecological landscape and leisure community are construced. Living quality is improved.

  4 The construction site of the project and construction conditions

  The construction site of the project is located in Longdu sub-district of Zhucheng city. The station is suitable for the construction project due to flat topography, convenient transportation, excellent infrastructure and telecommunications.

  5 Total investment and sources of funds

  The total investment of the construction project reached 2 billion yuan.The fund from project unit is raised through self-raised, joint-venture or cooperative.

  6 Analysis of market and economic benefit prediction

  If completed,the project would be an important tourist attraction of Zhucheng. These several parts of the Zhucheng experience including the construction projct, cretaceous dinosaur geopark, Dayuan ecological garden and Changshan mountain scenic spot, have started to complement each other.

  7 Cooperation Mode

  Joint-venture or cooperative

  8 Contact

  Contact Unit: Longdu sub-district of Zhucheng

  Name: Weiqing Han

  Tel: 13573638688

  E-mail: fzb6182578@163.com


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Longze Wetland Park

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