Notice for visitors 

Notice for visitors

Welcome the China,Japan Korea industries expo

Time: Sep 23 – 25 2016

Address: shandong taiwan convention and exhibition center, shandong, PRC

Specification:  exhibition area 40,000 square meters (with 2000 booths)

Five special zone

(一)Intelligent Manufacturing Information Technology Exhibition Fair of China, Japan and Korea

1.The Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition AreaIntelligent Equipment; 3D Printing Equipment and Technology; CNC Machine Tools; Power Assembly; Model Tooling; Agricultural Machinery and Equipment; Green, Smart and Personalized Cars.

2.The Electronics and Information Technology Exhibition AreaTelecommunications; Network Equipment and Products; Hardware, Software and System Solutions; Optoelectronic Technologies; Digital Equipment and Products.

(二)The Energy Conservation and  Environment Protection and New Energy Exhibition Fair of China,  Japan and KoreaProducts of Energy Conservation and Environment Protection and  their Application;   Soil remediation; Water Treatment; Air Pollution  Control, etc.

(三)Modern Agriculture and Food Safety Exhibition Fair of China, Japan  and KoreaHigh and New and Modern Agricultural Technologies; Smart Agriculture;  Green Ecological Agricultural Materials; High-end Food Research and  Development Processing and Logistics Processing machinery;  Food Safety Inspection and Protection;  Imported Food .

(四)Health Care and Old-age Care and Beauty Care Industry Exhibition Fair of  China, Japan and KoreaThe Health Care and Nursing Service for Aged People and Living-care Technology and Equipments; Medical Rehabilitation;Medical Beautification; Tourism; Cosmetics; Textile Garments and its Logistics, Finance, Cross-border E-commerce, Investment and Financing.

(五)Cultural Creative Industry Exhibition Fair of China, Japan and KoreaCultural and Creative Products ExhibitionTrading ; Film, Television and  Animation Products;  New Digital Media; Industrial Design; Art and Fashion Products Design; Projects of Cultural Industry and related Supporting Services and Products.

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