Tickets service 

1.Airlines tickets services
Where to go, trip, every airlines, or local ticketing services agency

2.Railway ticket services
12306  or local ticket services

3.Exhibition ticket service
(1)Booking time: Sep 10 -24 2016
(2)The place of booking: every ticket booth
(3)Notice of the use of tickets
        ①This expostions’ rule ‘one person, one ticket’,ticket 30rmb each.holding the ticket, then scan from the door scan system ,and then enter, only one time use. After you scan, it will expire.
        ②Once the ticket is sold, there is no refund, no re-issue if lost. Please care for counterfeiting, to avoid the problems for the recognization of the door computer system, if any lost , it is your own responsibility.
        ③After buying the tickets, but you not enter on the same day. Then you can enter at any day during opening time.
        ④It is not allowed for individuals to illegally sell or buy the tickets of this expo. But If you violate this rules, you will probably be punished by the law, and at last the audience who hold this ticket will be stopped entering the exhibitions hall.  
        ⑤It is not allowsed to carry liquid, food, lighters, knives and other items into the hall. Pet is not allowed.the public should follwing the security person for entrance and administration on spot. And please keep clean of the hall, do not litter peel,paperwaste etc.
        ⑥The old age card, students ID, military card, certificate of disability are not used as preferential treatment certificate.

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